Endorsed Candidates

The West Seneca Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed both William Bauer for re-election and David Smaczniak for election as West Seneca Town Councilmen in 2021.

William Bauer founded and owned the West Seneca-based Edbauer Construction, winning the 2017 West Seneca Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year Award. Bauer was elected to a two-year term as Councilman in 2019 and has provided immediate action to the residents of West Seneca. Councilman Bauer passed a 0% tax increase budget for 2021, has secured funding to restore the Burchfield Nature and Art Center, and has supported local economic development.

David Smaczniak has served as an administrator at Frontier Central High School for nearly two decades. Smaczniak was a West Seneca School Board member for 11 years – serving as President or Vice-President for the majority of his tenure – and was responsible for the management of a multi-million-dollar budget and the representation of the District on a county-wide level. Smaczniak additionally served as a member of the Board of Directors of the West Seneca Development Corporation and a member of the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce.

“Moving forward in West Seneca, I feel that these candidates will work for what the voters have voiced in the last election,” said Chairman Tim Elling. “We need candidates that will provide budgets that are zero percent increases as well as providing the services that are needed for the young, middle-aged, and seniors. We are West Seneca.”

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